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Smart ebike computer controls the motor, brakes, light and other critical parts

Smart ebike computer controls the motor, brakes, light and other critical parts

The e-bike computer is the heart of your electric bike. Cyrusher smart computer controls the motor, battery, brakes, light, speed shifting, and pedal-assist system. In most cases, the computer (also called the controller) is hidden inside the frame and wired through the frame to connect to all parts it controls.

When you press a button in your handlebar to turn on the light or to shift speed, the computer process that information and provides electricity to the bike motor and lamp to do the task you expect.

The computer can be programmed through its LCD display at the handlebar. It also displays useful information about your e-bike.

The computer can be programmed, you do that through its LCD display at the front of the handlebar. Through this display, you can change settings for many parts, such as miles/km units, max speed, wheel size to record the mileage, and most importantly, the pedal-assist parameters. The LCD Display also shows important information such as the speed, mileage, pedal-assist mode, and battery charge level.

Cyrusher uses several computer types, for folding and non-folding e-bikes, each computer is different and its display also varies but all of them provide the same functions to allow you to fine-tune your bike for the perfect ride while keeping you safe.

Programming is done using the handlebar control to navigate through the ebike computer settings.

The programming is done using the handlebar control that allows you to navigate through all the options in the LCD display and set the desired settings.  Every bike ships with a computer manual that shows you all the options available, their values, and how to set them.


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