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Bafang Motor - Highest quality, high efficiency electric motor for ebikes

Bafang Motor - Highest quality, high efficiency electric motor for ebikes

Bafang motor has become the standard for high-performance e-bikes, especially for cargo and fat e-bikes which require a more powerful motor to move heavier weight. Cyrusher utilizes Bafang motor for its higher-end line of fat tire e-bikes (XF800, XF900), in order to provide greater performance and a smoother experience.

With a max 1500 watts output, Bafang motor allows you to run at versatility speed, and on assisted mode, cruise around with little to no effort at speeds of up to 28 miles per hour. Its 80Nm torque makes it easier to climb the steeper hills.


Core Data

Position Rear Motor
Wheel Diameter (Inch) 26/27.5/28
Construction Gear drive
Rated Voltage (DCV) 36/43/48
n0 (Rpm) 325 ; 245
Rated Power (W) 750
nT(Rpm) 290 ; 205
Max Torque 80 N.m
Efficiency (%) ≥ 80
Color Black / Silver
Weight (kg) 4.6
Noise Grade (dB) <55
Operating Temperature -20 - 45℃

Mounting Parameters

Brake Disc Brake
Installation Widths (mm / OLD) 175
Max. Housing Diameter (mm) 158.5
Cabling Route Through Shaft, Right
Cable Length(mm), Connection Type 250 G9.1 / G9.5
Gearshift Cassette
Spoke Specification 36H*12G

Tests & Certifications

Certifications ROHS / CE
Salt Spray Test Standard(h) 96


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